She was dumb


Tonight, this woman had been stopped on a side street and wanted to make a left turn onto a busy street with a 40 mph speed limit. She started to turn and then stopped in the middle of the intersection when she saw cars coming from one direction. That’s when she got hit by a car coming from the opposite direction.

After I was done with the interviews she asked me who was at fault. I told her she had caused the accident by failing to yield to the other vehicle. Her face got serious as she clenched her jaw and squinted her eyes. Oh boy. 

She said, “He saw me. He should’ve stopped.”

I pointed out that she was the one who got in the way when she pulled out in front of the car.I tried explaining it to her, but she didn’t want to hear it. All she could say was, “He should’ve been driving defensively.”

I almost laughed when I heard that. I surely would’ve choked if I had been drinking something at that moment. 

Was this woman for real? I knew this was probably the dumbest thing I had heard all week. In fact, I think my IQ score dropped a few points just from hearing that. 

At this point, all she wanted to do was argue. She had already made up her mind and there was nothing I could do to change it. That’s when I told her we were done talking about it.

The woman turned toward her damaged and uninsured vehicle as she walked away like a pouting child. She looked at her male passenger and said, “I don’t know why I’m a citizen of this country.”

Really? No one is keeping you here……

Now that was really the dumbest thing I had heard all week. I didn’t think it was possible she could top her previous comment, but she did. 

I turned toward my friend Miguel and said, “She’s definitely going to make the blog.”

17 thoughts on “She was dumb

  1. On the first day of training with a new rookie, I handed them the keys and said, “You’re a full grown police officer now.” Some training officers gave the kids a break and drove them around for a few days but I always was assigned the tough ones so they drove and handled the radio right from the start. None of them crashed in the parking lot so we went on from there. Usually sooner than later they would drive onto side streets and find the edges of whatever patrol zone we were in and then make their way back to the main highway through town. Back then it was four lanes and always very busy. The lesson was: How do you make a left turn through four lanes of bumper to bumper traffic and get to your next call (help, police!) sometime in the next eight hours? Answer: You don’t rookie. Right turns only unless there is a light there to stop the cross traffic (we then would proceed to find all of the controlled intersections in the zone). Never failed, none of them ever thought of that before.

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  2. I truly think people do think that they can stick thier auto’s nose into traffic and that normal folks that don’t want to get into an accident, will brake and let them out. So impatient!
    I have a very small convertible and a large, diesel truck. Of course I get cut off more in my little car than the truck.
    In the truck, when it happens, I like to yell, “RAMMING SPEED, SCOTTIE!” 😉


  3. Got lots of those people here, too. I especially love the ones who stop suddenly in the middle of a round-a-bout to let someone in from the side street, with absolutely no concern for those behind them. Heaven forbid, they get rear-ended.


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