Stay away from that spot


The other night I was sent to a fight call at a park. When I arrived, there was a guy in his early 20s standing on the sidewalk with small puncture wounds on his arm. He stood there calmly as blood oozed down his arm like syrup pouring from a bottle at IHOP.

He said a couple of guys tried to rob him. They chased him and he tried to get into his car, but they broke out his windows and stabbed him.

The paramedics were called and a CSI person responded for photos. At one point, the victim was lying on his back as photos were being taken of his injuries. The victim looked at the CSI person and said, “I’ve seen you before.”

She stopped taking photos and asked him where. The victim pointed to the sidewalk over his right shoulder and said, ” My home girl got shot there.”

He gave her some more details and the CSI person said, “Oh, yeah. I remember.”

I pointed to the sidewalk next to him and asked, “She was shot right there in that spot?”

“Yeah. She was pregnant.”

“Did the baby live?”


It made for an interesting story. Not many people can say they were stabbed in the same area as where their pregnant friend was shot.

Maybe that spot is jinxed.