“You Can’t Go Around Hitting Sh#!”

“You can’t go around hitting shit” is a phrase that I’ve said for years as a collision investigator. The other day I was thinking about this Badge415-life-rule and the following came to mind.

Life is simple. You can’t go around hitting shit if it’s not your shit. If it was your shit, no one would care because it wasn’t their shit, but if it was, then they would lose their shit.

Why do people watch pursuits on TV? They’re basically waiting for the bad guy to crash and hit someone else’s shit. What if the the bad guy carjacks someone’s shit during the pursuit? Then people want to see if he is going to hit some shit with his feloniously acquired shit.  As you can see, it’s a lot of shit to deal with.

            How about the guy who drives his shit eighty miles per hour down your street?  I bet you would want him to take that shit somewhere else because no one has time to deal his shit if he gets into some shit involving your shit.

            This goes back to my original thought….. “You can’t go around hitting shit.”

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