Major League Drinker

Last week I responded to a solo-vehicle crash where a car struck the median. When I arrived, I saw the vehicle’s tires straddling the median and a passed out passenger in the the right front seat. The driver was on the sidewalk with officers, who told me he was HBD (had been drinking). The driver was arrested for DUI and a tow truck was called.

Sounds like a typical call for me, right?

My statistics show that I investigate one DUI crash for every three reports I take, so this wasn’t unusual, except for the sticker on the driver’s car that said, “Major League Drinking.” Priceless….. Even the tow truck driver thought it was funny.

That’s like a drive-by-shooting suspect with a “marksman” sticker on his car or a thief with a sticker that say “sticky fingers.”

Once again, you can’t make this stuff up.

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