Better than cow shit


The other day I was driving my daughter to practice when we passed a strawberry field. She pointed it out and said something about getting some. I glanced over and it reminded me of a crash I took years ago. I looked at my daughter and said, “I had a car crash at a strawberry field once.”

She relied, “You did?”

Some crashes are easily forgotten, while others stand out. Some stand out because of what I saw or heard, while this particular one stood out because of what I smelled.

One night, I was dispatched to a roll-over crash in the eastern part of the city. I pulled up to the scene and expected to see the car either in the street or on the sidewalk. I scanned the area, but there was nothing. Then I looked at the northeast corner and saw a car deep into the strawberry field.

There aren”t a lot of fields for agriculture where I work so, having a crash at one was really unusual.

I parked and started walking toward the car. I stepped into the field and tried to walk between the rows to avoid stepping on the strawberries. There were crushed strawberries everywhere with an incredible smell was in the air.

I ended up having strawberries in the groves of my boots and some on my pants. You name it and there were bits of strawberry everywhere on the crashed car.

After I left my patrol car smelled like a bottle of strawberry soap exploded inside.

For some strange reason I felt like having a strawberry margarita after that. At least the guy didn’t crash into a dairy farm full of cow shit. I’ll take a strawberry field any day.

6 thoughts on “Better than cow shit

  1. Your title is so correct. Several years ago (29 to be exactly) I worked for a smaller rural city here in WI. Around 11pm county dispatch requested my partner and I assist then to check south of our city for what motorist were calling in and complaining that there was manure in the roadway causing a hazard. We agreed and drove to the location. It was fall of the year (thankfully) so as we came into the area our squad suddenly drove into and thru a sea of liquid manure that had spilled from storage tang on a farm close to the road.
    My partner did not see that the substance cover almost our complete lane and when we hit it (at 55MPH) everything went black from the wave the enveloped our whole squad. After about 5 seconds the smell then hit.
    While no one was hurt and no damage other than could not get the smell out of that squad ever, I will always have this story.
    Yes Anything is better than Cow shit!

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