Another fatal


It always seems like I handle two or three fatal traffic collisions a year. It always the same every year. The most I ever handled in one year was ten in 2006. The second most was eight in 2011.

Well, this past week I handled number five. It was a pedestrian who tried to play Frogger across the street. It would’ve been number six had I not been off another night a few months ago when a fatal went out at 1:30AM.

Five might not sound like a lot when you compare it to ten, but that’s still five too many, especially when one of them was a toddler.

This also doesn’t count my other traffic partners, who work different shifts and hours the rest of the week.

We still have all of November and December left in the year. When you work 5PM to 3AM, that still a lot of time for a lot of bad things to happen before 2017.

Be careful out there.

6 thoughts on “Another fatal

  1. Here in Illinois, traffic must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Sadly, most drivers can’t read the accompanying signs at crosswalks that state it is a law to stop and just fly right by.
    You be careful out there also… You have a tough job and I appreciate what you do for us!!


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