“It wasn’t me”

Our cat’s name is Jasper and she has a thing for straws. We have no idea when her infatuation for straws started, but if one is out, she’ll get it. Once she has a straw, she’ll carry it around the house in her mouth. We think she’s part dog.

Yesterday, I went to the drive-thru to get some food at my daughter’s request. Right before we left, the cashier handed me three straws. We went home and I put them on the kitchen table.

My daughter and I ate and used two of the straws for our drinks. My son was at school at the time so I I left one straw on the table. After I was done eating I left to pick him up.

When we got home I told him about the food and where his drink and straw were. A minute later my son told me there wasn’t a straw on the table.

“We brought you a straw. It’s on the table,” I told him.

“I looked. It’s not there.”

I walked over to the table and looked for it because I assumed he was being lazy. I looked everywhere, but there was no straw. Where could it be? That’s when I heard the cat doing something around the corner.

I walked to the family room and guess what I found? The cat looking at me with an innocent look and my son’s straw on the floor.

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20 thoughts on ““It wasn’t me”

  1. Our Sophie loves straws too. She will take them right out of the cup/lid. And if it doesn’t come easy, she’ll just take the whole cup with her. We’ve learned to not leave full drinks unattended around her. 🙂 We found her outside a movie theater, so we think that may be where her obsession with straws started.


  2. We have 2 cats…Jack is the oldest, he sits in windows watches the birds, saunters around and is attitude…typical cat from day one.

    Then there is Luca, juvenile kitten delinquent. He carries shoes around the house, gets, my peppers and hides them about the house and has been caught beating up potatoes. He lays at me feet, and also plays fetch with butter bowl lids. He is a dog reincarnate.

    Silly ol’ kitties!


      • It is. The first time it was my tennis shoe, and he trotted right across in front of the entertainment center. My 17yo and I both looked at each other, giggled and then followed him to my bedroom, where we found him rolling it over and then he snuggled up next to it. Silly cat, drives us crazy, well mostly me because it seems my shoes are his favorite. I thought i was losing my mind there for a bit, finding one pair, each shoe in two different places.


      • I’m sure your cat was having fun watching your reactions when you found your shoes in different spots. Our cat has never shown an interest in shoes, so that’s probably a good thing.

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  3. Haha! My parent’s cat loves straws, too! And tissue paper. He has a pile of shredded tissue paper in their living room.


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