It was all in the dew

imageThe other night, I was at a crash with my partner as he tried to interview the victim of a hit and run. There was a language barrier and my partner was doing the best he could to get the story with the help of family members.

After a while he had the basic story down, but he needed some more details before we were done. That’s when one of the “translators” used his finger to start drawing on the trunk of the victim’s vehicle.

The temperature was in the upper 50s and there was dew all over the car. Within seconds he drew a couple of lines on the trunk to show us how the collision occurred.

Usually people write on their insurance papers or ask to draw on my notepad to show me what happened. This was definitely a first for me after all these years.

Tonight it was all about the dew.

9 thoughts on “It was all in the dew

  1. There are so many ways to communicate. Sadly, many can’t think of more ways than one. Never heard of a ‘dew language’ b4, but sure, why not?


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