“Dad! Daddy! Dad!”


“I’m going to drop you off at school today with no shirt on.”

With a firm voice my 11 year old daughter said, “Please don’t.”

It was at this point, I thought I’d have some fun at her expense. I grabbed my keys and went to the garage without a shirt on. Once the garage door was up, I got in my car and waited with anticipation for her to come out.

About 30 seconds later my daughter stormed into the garage with a scowl on her face as he petite body carried a large backpack. With a serious and determined look she opened the passenger door and tossed a shirt at me as she said, “Put that on.”

The shirt landed on my lap and I tossed it back as she closed the door. I was going to put it on, but my little joke was just too good to pass up now. Of course, she tried to give me the shirt again, but I refused to take It. That’s when I put the car in reverse and started to back up.


I pulled onto the street and started heading toward school with my daughter in a panic because I was going to embarrass her. I got 50 yards down the road and couldn’t hold it in anymore as I started laughing. I finally had to pull over so I could put my shirt on.

With her arms crossed, my daughter sat there with eyes that could throw darts. I kept laughing, but she wasn’t amused. With my shirt finally on, we headed to school as I tried to get her to laugh.

She eventually cracked a smile, but she fought to keep it in.

I pulled into the school parking lot and I asked, “Why couldn’t I drop you off without my shirt on?”

“Because it’s embarrassing!”

She also hates it when I suddenly blast 80s music as she steps out of the car at school too! Maybe one day she’ll torture her kids like this because of all the fun I had with her.

My job is to keep them on their toes and to have a little fun at the same time.

Daddy knows best


Waiting  for the tooth fairy

This is mostly a blog about police stories, but this one was too good to pass up.

On Monday night, my daughter and I were watching a movie when she told me about her loose tooth. It had been loose for some time, but it started bleeding a little bit and seemed ready to come out.

Based on what she told me and what I saw I said, “It will probably come out tomorrow.”

The tooth bugged her the rest of the night, but it didn’t come out. The next day we hung out because she was on school break. Later on she went to gymnastics practice with no word about the tooth.

I picked her up at 8PM and was driving home when she said, “You lied to me. You said the tooth was coming out today.” She was frustrated with the tooth because it was bothering her.

“Well, I thought it would come out today.” What else can you say to an 11 year old when it comes to a loose tooth?

Right after that she offered me a cookie. I took the cookie and ate it. She took a bite from another cookie and started chewing.

She then leaned forward and put her hand up to her mouth. She turned toward me as she said, “My tooth just came out!” She held up her hand and showed it to me.

See, daddy does know best……