When your son makes you smile


On Tuesday night I did a presentation at the police department about the traffic detail for the PACE class (Public Awareness Through Citizen Education). This class is usually held twice a year and my son always asks to go with me.

When we arrived at the department we went to the locker room so I could put my uniform on. Once my locker was open he asked, “Can I see your badge?”

He took my badge off the shelf and looked at it in a way only a kid can.

While I was getting dressed he tried to put my Sam Browne (gun belt) around his waist and said, “This is heavy.” After that he put my body armor on and said, “This is cool.”

After I was dressed it was time to go upstairs and do my presentation. It  went well and lasted just over an hour. I showed pictures and told stories to help empathize the importantance of traffic safety.

I also told a story about the time my son crashed blocks with a Thomas the Train as he said, “Look daddy. I’m playing fatal crash.”

How many 4 year olds say that and it’s still funny after all these years.

When I was done my son told me I did a good job. As we walked down the hall he said the best thing a dad could hear. He simply said, “I was proud.”

How many high school freshman tell their dad they’re proud? What a great feeling.

Thanks “little Badge415.” Dad loves you too.

12 thoughts on “When your son makes you smile

  1. So glad he said those words. I’m happy for you. You deserve to hear and feel his admiration. You see far too much tragedy and pain. I’m sure you give him much to be proud of. Kudos on raising a great kid. And thanks for all you do.


  2. You will never know how much I understand your comments.

    We lost our son in 1999 to cancer. Our son John was born in 1961 and was the epitome of what every parent prays for.

    Thankfully, I was able to hear similar words from John before his passing.

    What would I give to once again hear him, there is no amount that I would not find a way to pay to just to once hear, “Hi Dad”.

    Count you blessing sir, you never know when they may disappear.


  3. You are a wonderful father and your son has every reason to be proud of you, as well as you to be proud of him! Question, Does he have your sense of humor???


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