Did you fall in the pool?


The other night, I was at a hit and run call when one of the officers got on the radio and said he was in foot pursuit of the suspect. I looked northbound and saw a shadow running down the street.

They were at least 100 yards away, so I jumped into my patrol car and floored the accelerator as the Dodge’s engine roared to life. My tires were making up the distance fast when I saw the shadow turn left toward a house.

The officer in foot pursuit broadcasted the suspect went into a backyard and he was jumping fences heading northbound. I drove to the end of the block and set up on the north end of the perimeter. Our helicopter arrived overhead and the suspect was caught a short time later.

After he was taken into custody. I drove over to where the suspect was so I could talk to him about the collision. I opened the door of the police car and noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I wondered what happened because it was cold out.

After I was done with the interview I joked as I said, “You’re lucky the K9 didn’t get you.”

“I heard barking,” he replied.

“It wasn’t from our dog. He was cancelled.”

“I heard fake barking.”

“What do you mean fake barking?” I asked.

“I heard the cops fake barking.”

I gave him a puzzled look, but his face told me he really heard “fake barking.” After I closed the door I wondered who the K9 impersonator was. I walked over to where the other cops were and they told me the suspect had fallen into a pool. Now I knew why he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

I opened the door again and asked, “Did you fall in a pool?”


“What happened?”

“I jumped a fence and fell in the water.”

It’s not every day when a hit and run suspect falls into a pool and hears the cops fake barking at him.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

By the way, I found out who the K9 impersonator was. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard a suspect say. Well played. Well played.

4 thoughts on “Did you fall in the pool?

  1. Back in ancient times when I was a rookie on the street a silent alarm notified us that a furniture store had been broken into. Sure enough the goofballs had parked their car right in front of the store and smashed a window to make entry. We didn’t have portable radios, SWAT or robots back then let alone police dogs. Once the building was “surrounded” one of the senior officers went to the opening and shouted, “Come out now or we’ll turn the dogs loose on you!” We figured the rocket scientists that parked the get away car right in front wouldn’t know the intricacies of police staffing or issued equipment so to punctuate the demand, the officer produced a length of chain. As he rattled the chain he yelled,” Hold them dogs back, give these guys a chance to surrender.” They did.

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