The way a pursuit is supposed to sound


What does the DJ of a classical music station sound like? Cool, calm, controlled and soothing are just a few things that come to mind.

Now, picture the voice on the radio of some cops during a pursuit……If you’re a cop, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, then you have to take my word on this one. The two don’t sound the same.

The other night I heard the best radio traffic ever in a pursuit. My friend Sean came on the radio and broadcasted every turn with the calmness of a classical music radio station DJ. His voice was so relaxed he sounded bored. He was even calm when he requested paramedics after the motorcycle crashed into a parked car.

I told him it seemed like this was his 500th pursuit. Another officer told Sean, ‘It was like you were watching the pursuit on TV and you were calling it from your couch.’

That was the best way to describe it.

We never pat our partners on the back when they do a good job. I’m here to say it. Good job Sean.

9 thoughts on “The way a pursuit is supposed to sound

  1. Yes, very professional Sean. Unlike this John Q citizen who witnessed a pickup slam meeting a pole broadside yesterday. I was so shaken that I stammered on my 911 call. Training and experience count.


    • You do get used to being involved in stuff out there. I can see how calling 911 would make people nervous after seeing something like that. Especially when the dispatcher is asking you all kinds of questions.

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