We need to treat our people better

_DSC8694How many of us know someone who was injured on-duty and was off of work for an extended period of time. Now, think of how many times you called that person or sent them a text message to see how they were doing? Probably not often or at all. Over the years I’ve been guilty of not making that call also.

Recently I got to thinking about this and I wondered why we don’t call our fellow brothers and sisters in uniform when they get hurt. I’m sure a buddy calls, but what about the rest of us?

No one wants to be injured and away from work, but it happens to cops and firefighters all of the time. More often than not, they sit at home frustrated with their injury, works comp and the city. They do all of this alone with no word from their chief, immediate supervisor or fellow officers. It’s as if they were forgotten by everyone.

The deserve better and we need to make an effort to show them they matter when they’re injured. Anything can happen on the street, which means you could be the next cop or firefighter injured while doing the job you love.

Just something to think about.

12 thoughts on “We need to treat our people better

  1. Someone gets killed in the line of duty about every 53 hours on average, but someone becomes critically injured every couple hours that they NEVER fully recover from. Torn rotators, blown out knees, blown out backs, head injuries etc. Some people end up crippled, maimed, lots of scars. God knows how many walk around with PTSD.
    Somebody dies on duty, there must be about 10,000 postings (which there should be) but a person gets hurt permanently well nobody wants to talk about it, they all get forgotten.
    It is what it is


  2. I believe, everyone, no matter where they work or what they do, should get a buddy call or text from their colleagues if they are sick. Just the other day I had the thought, must send my colleague a message to see how he is doing, then forgot about it. Your post is a good reminder, to do it and express concern and care 🙂


  3. My Dh was hurt in the line of duty Dec. 6 the,2015. It has been a battle with too many set backs on him getting back to work. But on a positive note his teammates have been here all the way.


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