Should I tell him he’s getting married?


What’s the difference between being a boyfriend or girlfriend compared to being a fiancé? I think we’d all agree they’re as different as night and day. Being a boyfriend or girlfriend means you get Christmas and birthday presents. Being a fiancé means you almost have health insurance coverage and half of the bank account.

A few weeks ago I was investigating a hit and run crash when I had to interview a man and a woman, who were witnesses. They also happened to be a couple.

I interviewed the man first and asked him about the crash. He described what happened and called the woman his “girlfriend” during the story. After we were done I spoke to her.

The “girlfriend” walked over to me and then told me what happened. During her statement she referred to the male as “My fiancé.”

This was a potentially fun and awkward situation. I wanted to say, “But he just said……”

Part of me wanted to tell her she had only achieved girlfriend status so far. Another part of me wanted to congratulate him on getting married. The look on their faces would’ve been priceless. It also would’ve spiced up the blog story too with some drama.

This could’ve been the first time a future groom was told by the cops he was getting married before he knew it.

It was a perfect moment, but my compassionate side talked my fun side out of telling them. One thing is for sure. They might want to clear up some things before making any long term plans.

Their relationship status on Facebook might be set at, “It’s complicated.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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