The curb with countless stories


The curb that keeps taking it like a champ

If you work as a traffic cop long enough you’ll return to certain locations over and over for collisions. It’s just the way it is. Usually these spots are heavily traveled intersections where the volume of traffic means it’s only a matter of time before another collision occurs.

This is true most of the time, but there’s one L shaped intersection where I work that has much less traffic, but has seen plenty of single vehicle crashes. If only the curb could talk.

This was what I thought about while standing there the other night at another single vehicle traffic collision. The only thing different that night was the name of the driver and what part of the curb he hit first before colliding into a tree, a building, a pole or a sign.

Sometimes the drivers say they were going too fast. Other times they say a phantom car cut them off. Either way, they crashed into the same curb.

I looked at the curb and saw all of its battle scars from vehicles that were traveling way too fast over the years. Each chipped portion of curb told a story of a vehicle that tried to go up against it, but lost like the others before it. All suffered the same fate and were towed away after their wheels were reduced to twisted metal and flat tires.

This particular curb has withstood the test of time and everything that man has tried to do to it with a car. Maybe one day people will figure it out and slow down. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before I go back and have another story to tell about this spot.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman crash at this location. Good job ladies. Too bad the guys can’t figure this out.

5 thoughts on “The curb with countless stories

  1. Landscaping. Often property owners have to take defensive measures. The shapes of roadways sometimes work against physics and vehicles (drivers are of course contributors) driven poorly leap from the pavement onto grass and petunias. Usually in the middle of the night shortly after the bars close. One such property owner lived at the top of the “T”of an T intersection that was at the end of a long straightaway. I suppose he had peeled one too many cars from under his front porch and brought in some pretty significant boulders to “decorate” his front yard between his house and the intersection. I learned how effectively the boulders worked one night after the bars closed. Unfortunately even the full sized Oldsmobile failed to protect the driver who blew the stop sign and found the boulders at over 60 miles per hour. “Zone 2, headquarters. Need the traffic unit on call for this fatal.”


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