The “body” in the trash bag


“There are four males in the restroom with a child in a trash bag.”

That’s what I heard on the radio while driving to another call tonight. The dispatcher was sending patrol cars to an unknown trouble call at a local park. She also broadcasted that the child looked to be about 7 years old.

Say what?

I had no choice after hearing that. The people in the traffic collision could wait because I was going to this call first.

I arrived at the park about a minute after the call went out. There was a group of males standing in front of the restroom. They looked calm and were talking. They didn’t even seem to notice my patrol car driving on the grass. I got out of my car and asked, “Is there a kid in a trash bag?”

A male in the group said, “No.”

“We got a call about a kid inside a trash bag in the bathroom.”

That’s when the male seemed to know what I was talking about as he said, “Oh, we’re making a movie.” The male, who was holding a camera, told me there was a doll in the bathroom.

It was dusk, so the restroom was dark. I walked in and saw a head and body wrapped in a trash bag like a mummy on the floor. The “body” was propped up against the wall like it was leaning against it.

Then I saw something that looked freaky. There was an eye staring at me from the doll head that was partially covered by the trash bag. There was also dark curly hair sticking out. The “body” looked like it was the size of a 5 year old child. With the darkness fast approaching, it looked real.

The male walked in and started stomping on the “body” to show me it was fake. The entire scene was bizarre. I must’ve have been in the Twilight Zone for a brief moment.

At first glance, it really did look like a body. Even though it was stomped on I still pulled open the bag so I could make sure it wasn’t a real face. That of course, made the “filmmakers” laugh when they saw me do that.

They explained to me about making a movie for a college course. I told them they were lucky the officers hadn’t walked in on them standing over the “body.” You could tell they hadn’t thought about that. Hopefully the three police cars, police motorcycle and helicopter overhead showed them how serious it was taken when we got the 911 call.

I got back in my car and spoke into the microphone as I said, “I’m 10-8 from the fake kid in the trash bag call.” I drove out of the park knowing I’d have a story to tell my kids when I woke up on Saturday.

When I put my uniform on Friday afternoon I never thought I’d be standing in a restroom watching someone stomp on a fake child’s body that was wrapped in a black trash bag with a big eyeball staring at me.

Once again, you can’t make this stuff up.

1 thought on “The “body” in the trash bag

  1. As you say John, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

    When I was a rookie back in 1969 I was working graveyard shift, around 0200 hrs. dispatch advised a silent burglary alarm at a large manufacturing plant. When we (two man unit) arrived we saw two large rubber mats thrown over a section of the barbwire. We went over the fence and discovered an unlocked door, we advised dispatch of possible suspects inside as we were entering. Once inside we were unable to locate a light switch, but there were some low lights on so we could see a little. While searching the building, there was music coming from the company P.A. system, it was playing “Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Bad Moon Rising”… this was a little creepy.
    The “Charles Manson Family Murders” had occurred about one week prior, so with the creepy music playing and possible suspects in the building we were in condition “red.” I opened the door of the first aid office and noticed a large American flag lying on a medical gurney, it looked like there was a body under the flag. I motioned my partner over and I pulled the flag back and there was indeed a body lying there. We left the interior and advised dispatch of what we had discovered.
    Well the cavalry responded, led by a trusty Sgt. Once the building was contained (no canine unit back then) a company representative was requested. When he arrived we entered the building, he turned on the lights (it was nice to see) we took him to the location of the body and he began laughing… I thought that was strange. He pulled back the American flag and we saw the body, it was an “Adult CPR Manikin.” Everybody had a good laugh, except myself and partner.
    This is just one of “true police stories.” Many of them could be in “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.”
    I was going to write a book on police work and the title would be “sleep well, we protect you.” After people read the book they wouldn’t be able to sleep. 🙂
    Brian–Retired M702


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