A day in court


I’m sitting in the hallway at the courthouse waiting to testify on a possession of burglary tools case. Of course, there’s nothing better than sitting in court on my day off.  How did I get called for this?

Here’s the funny part. It’s not even my case. It turned out I handled a call last year when this knucklehead crashed into a parked car and a wall.

It wasn’t a normal crash though. This was a DUI on drugs with a hit and run, who was in possession of burglary tools and who was on parole. After the crash he took off  with dogs and people chasing him. You can’t make that stuff up.

Dogs and a crowd! That’s right out of a movie.

He must’ve been happy when the cops caught him. It wasn’t his best day.

I’m sure an experience like that would make the average person never want to get in trouble again , right? Well, not this guy.

You might be shocked to hear this, but this mental midget got out of jail after less than 9 months and got arrested again for being in possession of burglary tools? Who does that?

Oh that’s right, some people never learn.

Time to head back into court.