Random is a good thing


One of the things I like about police work is the randomness. You never know what you’re going to find on the next call or see around the next corner.

In police work, like in life, you sometimes have to look around and take everything in. You just never know what you’re missing.

On Sunday morning I was working a day shift in patrol when I was sent to a burglary alarm at a strip club. When we arrived, the place was closed and the parking lot was empty.

We checked all the doors and windows, but the place was locked tight. As we turned the last corner something caught my eye. It wasn’t a burglar climbing out a window or a stripper doing a lap dance. It was a smiling scarecrow in the bushes.

A smiling scarecrow?

It’s a strip club. Of course, it would being a smiling.

Where else but police work can a scarecrow, a strip club and burglary alarm on a Sunday morning be involved on the same call?

Then to top of the strangeness we heard a man yelling at the top of his lungs. We looked around, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That’s when someone flagged us down about a man screaming at the workers in the drive thru of Del Taco.

A scarecrow
A strip club
A burglary alarm
And now a screaming man in the drive thru?

Randomness…….. You gotta love it.

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