Proud to be a lefty


What does it mean to be left handed in a right handed world? Well, it means no one understands you. It also means people look at you funny when you write something in front of them.

It also means all of the spoons are turned the “wrong” way at the buffet line and at the frozen yogurt shop. If you’re left handed you know what I’m talking about.


Last month I was in San Francisco when I visited a left handed store on Pier 39 called “Lefty’s.” It’s a fun store to visit because everything in there just makes sense. Even spiral notebooks are on the right side in there.


So, If you ever get a chance make sure to visit Lefty’s. If you’re left handed you’ll laugh at some of the stuff that right handed people just don’t understand.


As for the spoons at the yogurt shop and the buffet. I always put them on the left side just in case a left handed person happens to come up after me.

It’s the least I can to for a fellow lefty.

2 thoughts on “Proud to be a lefty

  1. As a fellow lefty, I praise your sharing of this wonderful store!
    I have read that the stress of being lefty in a righty world knocks 7 years off our lives 😣
    However, I love being lefty, I always get the end of the table, bat well in softball, avoid crowds (as I walk to the left), and can use my mouse and keyboard at the same time!
    Lefty power! 🖑

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