Do a rap for me

One night I was working a patrol car shift instead of my normal traffic assignment when I was dispatched to a disturbance call at a house. When I arrived, I spoke with the owner of the house, who was Caucasian, tall and in his late 60s. He had some mental issues and was a handful to talk with at first.

After the call was handled we were about to leave when he said, “I have a recording studio here and I’m going to release a rap album.”

I’m sure most people would’ve said, “Okay” and left. But if you know me, this was too good to pass up. I stopped in my tracks and said, “Do a rap for me.”

The man was sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard and was more than happy to show us what he could do. With a smile on his face he started rapping something off the top of his head. It didn’t make sense, but he rhymed.

He went on for almost a minute before stopping with a satisfied look on his face. I pointed to a small wall and said, “I’m going to sit down. Do another.” I walked over to the retaining wall and had a seat.

Without missing a beat, he started on his second rap of the night. He went on for another minute or so with his rhyming nonsense. It was hilarious to watch because he was totally into it. I was actually impressed.

When he was done I held up a fist and said, “Give me knuckles.”

The “rapper” put up his hand and gave me a fist bump.

You just never know when you’re going to meet an elderly rapper on a disturbance call in the middle of the night.

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