My first parking ticket

imageThe first ticket is like your first kiss or your first car. It’s just one of those things that you never forget. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you never forget it.

On Monday, I was on my way to Starbucks when I took a side street and went by  my old high school. I only took the street to avoid traffic on Central Ave, which was the main road to the west.

As I passed by Chino High School, I glanced over at the street sign that said, No parking from 9AM to 2PM Monday thru Friday.

The old buildings from the school brought back memories, but that street sign brought back another.

That was because a long time ago I parked in front of the sign at 1:30PM….. Yes, Chino PD got me that day for my very first parking ticket.

Here’s another reason why I remember that ticket. I paid for it with the first check I ever wrote.

Nothing like a day of firsts….

4 thoughts on “My first parking ticket

  1. I’m happy to say I’ve never received a ticket. I did get pulled over once – because although I stopped at the stop sign, my “wheels didn’t stop”. I explained that I stopped, but didn’t stay, because the girl behind me was texting and had nearly rear-ended me at the last stop sign. She, of course, just drove around both me and the police car and went merrily on her way.


  2. About a month ago worked a overtime Multi agency speed and alcohol grant after shift for a total of 13 hour day. I was hungry, sick of hearing whining and tired. As I made my way home stopped picked up a slice of pizza and drink just wanting to get home. Oh by the way it was Friday night. As I drove thru town eating the pizza (ya I know) the street lit up with red and blues. Thinking I had not been driving straight I braced. It was a trooper I knew working the same grant I had been. I had forgot I had a burn out headlight a couple days earlier. He laughed and wished me a good evening. About 8 minutes later moving down the interstate (at posted speed and not eating) I was passing a turn around and headlights came on and I saw the marked squad of a adjacent county. After he stopped me and in mid introduction the deputy stopped and asked if he knew me. I told him my name and department and we agreed he recognized me from a EVOC Pursue class I had taught a few years earlier. Hay did you know your head light out? He asked.
    As I continued on my way towards home and about 8 miles west I suddenly became aware on another vehicle rapidly approaching mine from behind. I watched as the car approached and then settled in behind mine. yep you guessed it, red and blues shined. Pulled over stopped car off both hand on steering wheel dome light on.. This trooper was good the first time I was aware where he was he was b pillar of the [passenger side. motion to roll down the window and as he bend down I heard in a booming voice my name “Paul”. It was a old friend and now trooper that I had not seen for several year because assigned area. He laughed asked about the headlight and laughed harder when told he was the 3 time in about 30 miles. I told him that I had just finished the grant and he said that was why he was in this area working too. He warned me that he had seen county unit and knows that there was another trooper in the direction I was headed. Knowing I have about 15 more mile to home, I asked how about letting them know on channel 2 that the little red car dose not need to be stopped for the head light. He looked me in the eye and with the *&#% eating cop grim said “I could but what fun would that be? Good luck Paul”
    I made it home with out any further stops after 1 1/2 hrs drive that should have taken 45 minutes. But at least I did not get a ticket.

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