We’re toxic together

The other night I responded to a restraining order violation call involving a man and a woman, who have a child together. When I got there I saw them speaking to officers. The man, who was Caucasian and his 30s, was sitting on the bumper of a patrol car. His shirt was dirty and his hair was unkempt.

I stood there in awe as I listened to him ramble about all kinds of things. It was both funny and sad to know he was reproducing. I didn’t want to stand too close to him in case some of his dumbness tried to rub off onto me.

One of the first things he said was, “My record is a mile long.”

I had not doubt about that as I listened to him.

The subject of domestic violence came up and he had plenty to talk about since he’d been arrested before. He was talking to a cop when he said, “OJ fucked it up for everyone.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that. I wasn’t laughing at what happened with OJ Simpson. I was laughing because this guy said it in the middle of a domestic violence restraining order investigation.

The subject turned to his relationship with his ex and what she used to do for a living when he said, “She was a prostitute. It runs in her family.”

Who says that to a bunch of strangers? Just hilarious.

I then made small talk with the victim. “How long were you together?” I asked.

“For 17 years. We’re toxic together.”

She went on to tell me all kinds of stories about their drug use, their prison time and an 18 year daughter she gave up along time ago.

After he was arrested, the woman said she was going to call a friend for a ride. She walked to a fast food restaurant to wait. As she walked away, I wondered how much damage had been caused to their child by the “toxic” relationship they share.

Unfortunately, the poor kid doesn’t have a chance.


10 thoughts on “We’re toxic together

  1. People are so messed up. I don’t even date anymore because I’ve yet to come across someone who didn’t have serious problems, either with the law, with alcohol–it’s always something.


  2. And that’s why I recently told my daughter that if a guy already has an arrest for domestic abuse – DON’T DATE HIM! Thank God she listened (eventually). I don’t understand people who stay in abusive relationships – no one deserves that.


  3. I’m afraid what was once considered “Good” moral values have gone out the window in today’s overly liberal viewpoint. I think parents have taken a back seat to raising their children to be good citizens, so they can live out a crazy do what ever I want lifestyle. Yes, there have always been bad eggs in society, but in my opinion we are reaping the rewards of the “Free Love” generation of the 60’s.

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  4. There is so much I could say but I stopped adding psychology a long time ago.. Isn’t it interesting to see the “spirit lines” of these things… It runs in the family… Literally.. We are right to say the kid is fucked because you know there will be no one there to direct them right… I’m an anomaly in a lot of ways.. Statistically, based on my own upbringing, I should’ve been 16 and pregnant and living in a trailer, no teeth in my best tweety bird t-shirt or Tigger, depending on the day… On welfare.. Whatever.. I somehow got out but there are definitely traits from my parents and I’ve made a lot of their mistakes… But the “spirit line” is a real thing..

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