“You’re confusing all of us”


The other day I was sitting at a conference table for a deposition related to a traffic collision I handled a year ago. The defense attorney was nice and professional. He was well prepared and only took about 15 minutes to question me about the collision.

At this pace I was going to be out of there in record time.

Next came the plaintiff’s attorney. Her client was clearly at fault and I wondered what she could ask. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

Any hope of a quick getaway flew out the window in the first 5 minutes. It was like night and day between the two lawyers. At times her questions were awkward and silly. She just wasn’t as prepared as the defense attorney was.

Then her phone rang at volume 10 and startled everyone. The ring was so loud dead people could’ve been resurrected from their graves. After a few more minutes of questions she asked to take a break so she could make a call. Really? In the middle of the depo?

At one point, the plaintiff’s attorney asked a question that left me wondering what the heck she was talking about.

Before I could answer, the defense attorney said, “You’re confusing all of us.” I nodded my head and almost started laughing.

After we went off the record I couldn’t resist and asked the plaintiff’s attorney, “Why are you suing him? Your client did everything wrong.” This made the defense attorney laugh, which was funny in itself.

She replied that her client told her a different version of how the collision happened and she believed him.

I said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but your client isn’t telling you the whole story.”

5 thoughts on ““You’re confusing all of us”

  1. Love it. Once had a guy who wanted to go to trial, claimed the CP on his computer was all from a virus. His attorney believed him. Told the attorney, “No virus I am aware of burns the CP to a CD and puts it on your client’s shelf.” Uh, is it too late for a plea!

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  2. I went to Law School just long enough to come to the realization that there were far to many attorneys like that. I knew that given my temperment, that I would ultimately have been arrested for cruelty to dumb animals because I would have slapped the crap out of many of them.


  3. We get that in HR sometimes. “My attorney believes I have a strong case!” Well, so does ours, and ours has the FACTS, so….

    amazing how many claims vanish once the file is presented.


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