Another Facebook story


Do you know who your child’s Facebook friends are? Do you inspect their social media accounts? Here’s a story that will make you think twice.

I have a friend at work who is assigned to the safe schools detail and she told me a story I had to share.

The officer contacted a seventeen year old girl at one of our high schools one day. The girl told the officer she had received a “friend request” on Facebook from a stranger, who was also seventeen years old.

Even though she didn’t know the male, she accepted his friend request. After becoming “friends” they started messaging each other through Facebook.

At one point, the male asked the girl to take a picture and send it to him. She did and sent him the photo. Their conversation continued as he gave her compliments about how good looking she was.

The male then asked her to take a topless picture and send it to him. She took the selfie and sent the photo.

He complemented her some more and then asked that she take a picture below the waist. She took it and sent the pic.

Then something happened she never thought of. The pictures got out. Worst of all, the picture got out with her name and face.

The male really was seventeen years old and was in high school. He had a girlfriend who found the pictures and she posted them to her Facebook page for all to see.

That private message and picture weren’t so private anymore.

When the officer was taking the report, the girl said she liked the attention the male gave her. Wow.

That was all it took to get this girl to send naked pictures of herself to a stranger. Attention….

How many other kids are doing this? What other apps or social media sites are your kids being exploited on without you or them knowing?

Take the time to talk with your kids. Make sure they don’t end up like this one girl, who showed a little more than she wanted on Facebook.

There’s no “LIKE” button for that.

1 thought on “Another Facebook story

  1. We have a tendency to teach girls that their main value is their appearance. It was like that when I was a kid (I’m the same age as you) and it’s the same now. The only difference is the addition of social media, and the amount of cameras out there. I understand why she did it, and I’m sorry she felt that was her only way to get attention.


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