A story from another cop

I wanted to share a story from one of my co-workers, who sent me a message after reading “The Drowning.” He wanted to remain anonymous.

This officer’s very first call out of training was a medical aid involving a 40-year old male, who was in cardiac arrest. The victim had gone jogging while on vacation in our city. The officer went on scene and gave chest compressions for a few minutes until paramedics arrived. The victim survived and the officer was given the department’s life saving award in his first year.

Below is a quote from him about what happened later:


While this story had a happy ending…it too set me up for some rather tough calls.

A couple months back I got the same exact call at a home in the canyon. I was first on scene and the wife led me upstairs to her 40 year old husband, who was in full cardiac arrest.

I frantically started chest compression thinking it would be the same result as the jogger. But it       was not…he died on scene. I will never forget his wife screaming, crying and falling to the ground.

Some calls leave marks and if ignored they become scars.

Thanks for sharing….I think you’re onto something that can help a lot of cops.

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