The Badge


What does “The Badge” mean?  What does it represent? The Badge means different things for many people. Sometimes it depends on your point of view.  I can’t speak for every law enforcement officer, but I can tell you what it means to me.

The Badge is the one symbol of trust and truth. Without trust and truth we have nothing. The Badge is the line in the sand between good and evil. It is the symbol of respect by some and hatred by others. It is a symbol of help and compassion, but also strength and firmness.  It is the symbol of courage and emotional baggage because the person who wears it sees the worst that man is capable of.

The Badge is the greatest responsibility bestowed upon a person because lives depend on it. Our society is based on laws and rules, which mankind is bound to break and not follow. The person who wears The Badge has been given the power, responsibility and the ability to protect the weak and innocent from the predators that prey on them.

The Badge is what holds society together and the person who wears it is the first line of defense.  I have the honor of wearing The Badge and I am proud to do so.

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